Benefits and use of medications Papua ant nests Myrmecodia Pendans

Myrmecodia pendans

Myrmecodia pendans is Herbal Remedies for cancer and have been shown active anti-cancer compounds, which are contained in the Myrmecodia pendans is ants saliva contains antibodies to prevent and treat various diseases that are often experienced by humans. Myrmecodia pendans is a plant that grows attached to another plant of irregular shapes in which there are voids where ants passed. This Endemic plants are often found in Papua and commonly known as Papua ant nests.

Myrmecodia Pendans

Use of Medicines Sarang Semut
Traditionally used to help curing :
1. Various types of cancers and tumors such as brain cancer, nose, breast, liver, lung, colon, uterus, skin, prostate and blood cancers (leukemia) and others.
2. Heart disease
3. Light and heavy stroke
4. Eliminating lumps in the breast.
5. TB / Lungs
6. Kidney and Prostate disorders
7. Allergic nose, sneezing in the morning and nosebleeds.
8. Heartburn and nausea
9. Hemorrhoid (piles), new and old.
10. Migraine (half side headache)
11. Rheumatism.
12. Smoothing and improving the Mother’s Milk volume (ASI)
13. Blood circulation, stiff and sore muscles.
14. Improve and increase stamina.
15. Increase vitality

Tips on use of capsule packaging :
for treatment of severe disease : three times daily, 1-2 capsules per intake.
for the treatment of mild disease: two times daily, 1-2 capsules per intake.
for the prevention and increase stamina: 1 capsule daily regularly dose for children under 10 years, half of adult dose.

Herbal Remedies for cancer

Advice : to achieve optimum result in the illness treatment, it is recommended to combine sarang semut with GAMI which is used to improve metabolism so that the medicine can be absorbed optimally. besides that GAMI also function as hepatoprotector, toxin detoxification, improving immunity and anti oxidant

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